spending on SEO and SEM is not an expense; it’s an investment

SEO and SEM is not an expense; it’s an investment. A targeted search engine optimization strategy creates a relevant space for your brand so you’re not buried by the competition. By linking your business directly to its relevant keywords, we ensure that you appear at the top of a Google search when a user inputs a product or service.


SEO Positioning:

An SEO (Search Engine Optimization) strategy will allow your website to appear organically among the first results of engines searches, meaning there is no cost per visit. Your success depends on continued work. At Lugris Communications,  you will have a personal manager for the SEO development of your web page  so  you can reach your marketing goals.

Positioning SEM:

An SEM (Search Engine Marketing) strategy will enable your site to quickly appear at the top of search engine results or in prominent spaces. This is achieved by paying different platforms, such as Adwords, Facebook, Bing, Linkedin, Yahoo or Baidu, among others, to display your ads.


At Lugris Communications, we believe that a combined SEO and SEM strategy is the perfect recipe to affordably attract and convert long-term loyal customers.

Web Design

Web Design

We rely on web design and programming experts who deliver intuitive and creative platforms optimized to impact your online success.

SEO / SEM Optimization

SEO / SEM Optimization

We optimize your website to boost your visibility and ranking on search engines. After analizing the competition, we will decide which targeted keywords will  help you reach the top of the unpaid search engine results.



Designing an online shop is a complex process. It requires an attractive, intuitive design that is user-friendly and fast. It must also be optimized to promote sales and accept online payments.


One month of free web hosting for new clients.

Affordable and ready in under two weeks. Breathe life into your brand.

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