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for us, writing is an art that not only delivers a message but makes an impression

Lugris Communications strives to strengthen your brand through creative copy that uniquely reflects your character. With a strategic approach to writing, we go beyond pretty words on a page. Our goal is to foster a dialogue with your customers in a voice that is identifiable and engaging.

Brand Writing and Style Guidelines
We develop brand writing style and guidelines to ensure consistency throughout your content.
Company Names, Slogans & Taglines
We study your brand, customers, competitors and industry to create eye-catching names, slogans and taglines that reflect the best your brand has to offer.
Website & Landing Page Content
We create website content that promotes client conversion and adds value to your brand.
Marketing Brochures & Leaflets
We deliver brochures and leaflets that further creative and informative brand marketing to boost your visibility and bottom line
Direct-Response Sales Emails & Letters
We compose ROI-focused direct response digital marketing designed to markedly add to your client database.
TV, Radio & Billboard Ads
We produce compelling TV, radio and billboard ads that ingeniously attract the attention of consumers.
PR Strategy & Press Releases
We elaborate innovative press release strategies to bolster your website traffic, sales and brand awareness. Our press releases are engaging, informative and effective.
Video Concepts & Scripts
We conceptualize videos and pen scripts that highlight your brand’s value and stimulate consumer engagement.
B2C & B2B Copywriting
We further B2C and B2B engagement with absorbing copy that ultimately strengthens consumer confidence and sales.
Web Design

Web Design

We rely on web design and programming experts who deliver intuitive and creative platforms optimized to impact your online success.

SEO / SEM Optimization

SEO / SEM Optimization

We optimize your website to boost your visibility and ranking on search engines. After analizing the competition, we will decide which targeted keywords will  help you reach the top of the unpaid search engine results.



Designing an online shop is a complex process. It requires an attractive, intuitive design that is user-friendly and fast. It must also be optimized to promote sales and accept online payments.


One month of free web hosting for new clients.

Affordable and ready in under two weeks. Breathe life into your brand.

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